WARNING! This interview contains explicit content.

Brendan: Hey everyone, I'm hanging out with You Me

At Six after their killer show at the Big Top

Luna Park here. How did you guys think of the


Josh: We enjoyed it very much man yeah it's really

good. We love coming to Australia, it's always

a good time for us. And yeah, Sydney didn't

let us down so it was great.

Brendan: Nice. Josh how the hell do you keep up that

energy the whole time while still singing at

your best?

Josh: Just a lot of drugs.

Brendan: Nice.

Josh: No I'm joking, I'm joking. Well basically

when you have a band as good as the other four

Brendan: Nice. And I was asking Max before the

show, what his most hilarious WTF kind of

moment on tour as a band. What seems to be

yours? Come on, no juicy details missed. So

the one story that comes to mind that makes

you go, "ha, ha, ha, that time, yup."

Josh: I generally think that every time I

open my mouth into a microphone onstage in

front of other human beings is a What The Fuck

moment. I don't know. You guys really know

when you're like ... I usually embarrass the

boys more than I embarrass myself. So I don't

know. Any moments stand out?

Max: As you say mate, almost every time.

Josh: Almost every time. Almost every time I open my

mouth onstage, it's a prison sentence for them

really to even remotely have me in their band.

So yeah, it's one of those ones.

Brendan: And finally, what message do you have for

your fans, especially the ones trying to

succeed and follow in your footsteps?

Max: You fucking sick cunts. I fucking love you.

You're all fucking sick cunts.

Brendan: What! Who was that saying that?

Josh: That was Max.

Brendan: Aww you dirty bastard. No but-

Josh: I would honestly say I agree with Max by the

way, first and foremost, but I would say that

we just write songs that we like. And I think

if you can write songs that, you as a group,

like, identify with, and enjoy being around

one another, that's the most important goal

you can have in being a band. If you, for some

strange reason like we did, get famous, or

"famous", and play in front of audiences, it's

a bonus. The real incentive should be to make

music with your friends and hang out, and if

you can make enough money, and not have to

work a job you don't like, then that's kind of

why most guys try the band thing. You know?

So, that's why we did it. That's 10 years

later, 11-12 years later when our ... In

Sydney for the eighth time-

Brendan: The most fucking awesome rock band in the


Josh: Well you're right. It used to be Oasis but now

they're fucked, so we're here to help them out


Brendan: Well thank you so much for your time and I

thoroughly enjoyed that. I'll be at many more

of these shows. You Me At Six everybody, woo!