A keen insight


Ever wanted to know how a concert is before buying a ticket, or attending a show? Or just wanted a closer, more in-depth view into music on stage and off? Or maybe you're concerned with the lay-out, safety, accessibility and staff's quality of service at events? Or perhaps you just like reading cool stuff and checking out interviews?

Well, on this website, Brendan the blind guy, will take you through a detailed journey of the experiences, both the good, bad, awesome, terrible and the straight-up WTF of performances from artists across a wide range of genre's, and in many different environments! And of course, awesome interviews with shining stars throughout the music industry!

Here’s what Brendan said about both his analytic approach and writing style for his live reviews;

Being all-but completely blind, my main focus is on sound quality from both the artists and their sound mixers, which I believe is the most crucial aspect of any live performance, and I feel is often over-looked by sighted people distracted by aesthetics. On top of that, I’m a journalist who likes to be in the thick of the action like a general fan, so I also focus on the energy given to the audience from the artist(s), as well as the feelings you over-all experiences, that one doesn’t grasp sitting at the back of a venue observing from a distance.
Growing up, I’ve always loved reading books that immersed me in the story, and made me feel like I was actually there. That’s what I aim for in my writing, I speak in present tense, and by using colourful adjectives and key descriptive elements. When I feel it fits with ones performance, I like to add a theme to my reviews (eg, war zone, back to school, road trip, zombie apocalypse, Supergirl etc) with a splash of humour too (blind jokes never get old), to make it more exciting and enjoyable for my readers, whilst still keeping analytical and factual, I find it gives a sense of fiction and non-fiction rolled into one, because after all, who wants to read a boring recount of something?

As for Brendan’s highly-praised interview approach;

I like to approach them in a fun, laid back yet engaging manner, inspired by fun yet factual radio and television interviews. I like to joke around, have fun and connect with the artist(s) and the audience, whilst maintaining a high professional and analytical standard which from feedback I’ve received, puts the artist(s) I interview in a relaxed, fun atmosphere. draws the listener/viewers attention, and is the reason why artists such as Pete Murray and Sarah McLeod of The Superjesus have invited me to do a second interview with them and my schedule over since mid-2017 has been crammed with over 100 interviews both face to face and over the phone with artists such as Lzzy Hale, The Tea Party, Scott Ian (Anthrax), Bob Evans, Pete Murray, Kav Temperley (Eskimo Joe) The Rubens, You Me At Six, The Amity Affliction, Meg Mac, San Cisco, Ocean Alley and many more!

Be sure to keep a keen eye out for every exciting concert and album review plus interviews heading your way!