let’s get down again!

The Superjesus July 2018 colour med res photo credit Nix Cartel.jpg

The Superjesus @ Tattersalls Hotel, Penrith NSW Australia 20/10/2018 written by Brendan Lewis.

Every now and then, I get saturated in rock glory that makes you get down again like you did in 1998! Why 1998? Well, because I’m taking you to see The Superjesus’ ‘Sumo 20th anniversary tour’ show in Penrith!

Let the match, BEGIN!

This show is a slamming two-hour, two-set show, let’s see if these warriors can keep up their stamina from start to finish and emerge victorious! This is what Sarah McLeod told me earlier this year that fans can expect at these shows, when I interviewed her. “Our main objective is, that we slay every person in the room person by person, bit by bit, until it’s all done”..... Need a fresh pair of panties?

The first set being ‘Sumo’ in its entirety, is a no-mucking-around, hard-hitting knockout, filled with distorted heavy bass, agile shredding guitar solos and Sarah McLeod’s dynamic sharp vocals that don’t miss a beat! The energy is fast ‘n’ furious from the band, with the band all rocking out fiercely like they undoubtedly did in ‘98 when they probably had chemical assistance, and believe me, if I didn’t know these guys and was just being dragged along by a mate, I would’ve thought these guys were a bunch of rough-nuts in their late twenties, fronted by a fit young babe who keeps flying around the stage, jumping off the equipment crates that I’m leaning on, and all the while still hitting the right notes…. Show off! Hearing this album in its entirety is a rare treat for fans and likely a once in a lifetime opportunity (unless you’re seeing the band multiple times on this tour, then, well, yeah). As far as the sound goes, the first few songs are a bit too bass dominated, leaving the guitar riffs wrestling to stand tall, and making Sarah belt-out her vocals even harder, but after 3-4 songs, it seems like the sound mixer may have made an adjustment and the match is an even fight!

I’m a little stunned, is this young hot rock chick who’s doing her thing close enough to me that I can make use of my extremely limited sight, really the same sedate, humble, acoustic rock girl I saw last year on the ‘Rocky’s Diner’ solo tour? Wow, talk about diversity!

After a short intermission, the second set, the greatest hits set, is started with the same dramatic war-march, thumping intro as the first set, but is a little more laid-back, lighter toned and engaging, with the band interacting with us in the audience more. The midnight hour is drawing near, the bar’s likely running out of beverages, and the band have already hit us with insane energy in the first set, so is this sweet piano solo of ‘Second Sun’ from Sarah a sign of things slowing down? Uh… no, if anything the energy intensifies even more in the second set, with more jumping, head banging, firing up the crowd and of course, roaring guitar and bass solos atop cracking drum precision. This insane energy from the band makes it even more surprising that the audience around me tonight, have been calm, relaxed, and not fired up, even after Rackett kissing us all better (literally) before The Superjesus came on! At the end of the second set, what better way to end a triumphant rock gig than with the classic, ‘Gravity’, which the band really smash us with epic drawn out solo’s and instigating one last round of sing/clap alongs!

All in all, whether you’re a long-time fan of these guys, a new fan, or just a fan of rock ‘n’ roll, this show is ace! You really can’t go wrong with a high energy rock show with everyone on stage giving it their all, both musically and energetically! And yes, the band really did slay us all, person by person, bit by bit….. Musically.