The Script (acoustic) @ The Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney NSW Australia 24/09/2017 written by Brendan Lewis.

Irish superheroes The Script delight Aussie fans once again, this time with a super intimate acoustic session plus Q&A here at the Lansdowne Hotel in Sydney, following on from the recent release of their 5th studio album ‘Freedom Child’ and I’m very excited to be a part of this momentous occasion!

The audiences’ attention are quickly grabbed when a member of the bands production team walks onto the stage and introduces The Script. So, without further ado, I give to you, THE SCRIPT!

The band casually step out in front of us cheering fans, and welcome us all, expressing their excitement to be back in Australia, before announcing that the first song they’ll be playing tonight, is beloved classic ‘Break Even’. Being an acoustic set without the full production behind the bands’ sound, this song still sends rushing tingles throughout my body, especially with lead singer Danny’s voice shining so brightly and perfectly with not having over-bearing sounds to fight with.

Danny embraces the intimacy and being able to hear us all sing back at him straight away, and sings in alternate notes to us, the audience, giving it an astounding acoustic harmony to the music!

Being a low-key intimate setting that we may very well never experience again with these legends, the band casually chat to us, responding to shout outs from their audience, and having a laugh like they’re playing to a bunch of their close mates, before casually strolling on into ‘Superhero’, via divulging the songs meaning to us and dedicating it to the everyday people who struggle in life, yet keep on running… or something like that, as you can imagine everyone in the audience cheering loudly makes it difficult to understand exactly what they’re saying… and I say this in a totally manly way, getting lost in the bands sexy Irish accent doesn’t help either.

After talking some more, and bassist Mark teasing us all with a crude joke he remembered but won’t tell us, which ohhhh we got it out of him don’t worry! The band play classic hit ‘The Man Who Can’t Be Moved’, explaining that this song was written when the band were all going through break-ups… wow, it really sounds like the three of them were dating the same girl. This song follows suit of the previous two, with Danny improvising his sung notes and all of us in the audience singing along to every word.

With some more chatter from the band with them feeding off the audiences chatter and having some more laughs as if there’s no time limit, no rules, no procedure, just a few wee-Irishmen having some fun, playing some tunes to some friends. Now the band play new single ‘Rain’ which regardless of it being new, has us all in the audience singing along in perfect sync to Danny, who beckons us to sing the melodic hook in the chorus, and repeats it after a slight pause at the end of the song three times just when you think the song was over, just to rile us up and give us a laugh.

With the final round of talks/laughs from the band, they finish the short and sweet acoustic set with iconic anthemic hit, ‘Hall Of Fame’ which yes, follows suit of each song before it, perfect sound with Danny’s voice excelling beautifully, the band grooving out on the tiny stage, and all of us in the audience singing along as loud as we can.

This was a rare treat seeing… hearing these amazing musicians up close and personal, playing some beloved hits from the past decade! You really believe it when the band say they don’t have fans, they have family, and that they love coming out to Australia and love doing tiny gigs like this every so often. These guys are some of the nicest, down to earth lads you’ll probably ever meet, and apart from their extravagant musical talent, they really do have a unique and genuine way of connecting with their fans!