Interview with The New Yorks by Brendan Lewis.

Brendan; “Today I’m chatting to fresh new south Australian indie rockers , The New Yorks who are on tour

now celebrating the release of their sophomore EP ‘I Wish I Were You, But That’s Just Me’”

Brendan; “You guys have demonstrated some killer indie-rock/alternative-rock rifts and melodies, that

showcase your wide vocal range Vincent, that all in all leave listeners wanting more, what’s next for

The New Yorks evolving sound?”

Vinnie: “Much appreciated! Lately, as a band we have definitely be embracing a dirtier garage sound

and I think that is reflected on our latest EP. More recently, I’ve been writing some really

variating stuff with an acoustic influence as well as substantially more ambience, so I’m quite

interested myself to see where the next release goes. At the moment we are really just

looking to focus on where the release of ‘I Wish I Was You, But That’s Just Me’ takes us.”

Brendan; “Your music sounds very suitable for a small pub on a Friday night to dance around to and have a

flippin’ good time, how do you intend to win over the likely intoxicated crowd at your shows?”

Vinnie: “Yeah I guess that has always been our focus, nothing beats a good Friday night show. I think

a bit of sweet talk and banter will win over those looking to getting involved.”

Brendan; “As songwriters and performers, whats been the biggest influence and motivation for your music on

stage and on CD?… downloads”

Vinnie: “We have always appreciated the garage tone and preferred recordings that capture the

actual live sound of a band. The grit of a guitar amp pushed slightly too much, driven vocals,

they are all factors that we think have been nurtured through an appreciation for early 2000’s

indie tracks.”

Brendan; “And lastly, whats your 5 year goal/plan for your careers as a band?”

Vinnie: “That is a hard one, we are all very much about enjoying everything and seeing where it goes.

We hope to have people enjoying our music and allowing us to keep making music, as cliché

as it might sound. We also hope Carlos finds himself.”

Brendan; “Thank you so much for your time guys and I look forward to seeing, well hearing you on stage


Vinnie: “Thanks for having us!”