The Getaway Plan @ The Metro Theatre, Sydney NSW Australia 15/09/2017 written by Brendan Lewis.

Let’s flash back to ten years ago, Melbourne rockers ‘The Getaway Plan’ release their debut

album ‘Other Voices, Other Rooms’, which screamed the message that these guys are taking over

the alternative-rock scene in Australia, and that they’re a force not to be reckoned with. Now ten

years later, the band are celebrating that momentous occasion with a tour, playing the album in its

entirety plus a second set of other loved The Getaway Plan hits! Get ready, for this is ‘The


The band stroll onto the stage to cheering fans whilst the lights were still on which caught me by

surprise. The band start this crusade with ‘The Reckoning’ off their second album, this built my

excitement immensely as I’ve seen these guys many times and ‘The Reckoning’ makes a bold,

powerful statement to bring the energy straight away! I was let down a little, sadly, as lead singer

Matt didn’t seem to hit the incredibly high, sustained note that ignites the explosion of the first

chorus that leaves you with euphoric tingles. I have heard Matt hit that note at other shows, so

why not now? Normally when Matt hits that euphoric note the lights pulsate to the beat, sending

shockwaves through the crowd, but tonight the lights are dull, and even for low budget solid

circular coloured lights, weren’t conducted well to compliment the music. This added with the

sound mixing making it difficult to hear Matts’ voice through the bass unless he hits a loud

powerful note, did let my excitement down slightly. It really kills me to say anything negative about

these guys as I adore them!

With a quick thank you to the audience, the band proceed into their first ever single ‘If The

Suspense Doesn’t Kill Us, Something Else Will’ followed by ‘Move Along’ via an

acknowledgement to the support band and a revving up “how the f*** are you Sydney?!” which

did help raise the excitement. ‘Move Along’ featured a hauntingly beautiful crowd sing-a-long to

these sad lyrics, plus some amazingly accurate vocals from Matt. But again, the bloody lights! The

shotty lighting would’ve easily been over-looked if guitarist Clint wasn’t the only one rocking out

on stage like a rock band does at least noticeably, but it seemed Matt and bassist Mike were busy

concentrating on their instrumentalism instead of rocking out. The sheer energy which I’ve seen

many times at The Getaway Plan shows, which was lacking in this show, was seemingly evident

by the audience being completely still zombies around me.

For the rest of this small set, saw some amazing songs like ‘Dark Horses’ off their latest album

giving a sway-like contrast to the show, plus other hard hitters, but I couldn’t help but notice the

audience around me talking during the performance maybe due to the lack of energy from the

band. When the band strolled off the stage completing the first set, I felt conflicted. “Am I just

noticing these things now because I’m analytically picking the show apart?” “I swear these shows

had more energy before, are they just having an off day?”

After a lengthy gap and a sound check as if The Getaway Plan had supported… The Getaway

Plan, the band re-emerge with The Getaway Plan set 2.0, the set fans came to the show for, the

debut album in its entirety.

As if this was a game of football, it seemed like the band had a team huddle at half time and went

over their game so far and made adjustments, because when the band rode into their first single

off their debut album ‘Streetlights’, there was no lack of energy and charisma! Matt moved around

the stage like it was his arena, waving his arms to the audience and revving them up in the bridge

section, building the suspense for the the growling vocals that lead into the home stretch of the

song. With Matts’ wild long hair like a lion mane and his alpha-lion growls that resemble one

majorly pissed off kitty, plus him hitting the high notes in the chorus perfectly, it seems the lion

has finally awoken!

Next on the bands debut album is their defining hit ‘Where The City Meets The Sea’ but of course

they’re not going to play their biggest hit just yet, so it’s skipped for now to nightmarish angsty

power-punch ‘Sleep Spindles’. This crowd favourite got the crowd fist pumping finally and

featured more complimenting lighting to the intense energy from now shown by all the band

members. See, even basic lighting can play a big part in the show to add a bit of spice. Although

when Matt went to do his lion roar, it was crackly and cut short… hair ball? It did sound like there

might’ve been a vocal effect on the microphone that failed a bit, but never the less, the energy

surges on.

Now that the energy is reaching climatic levels, it’s lowered temporarily for feel-good track, ‘New

Medicine (Stay With Me)’ that got the crowd singing along in surprisingly perfect harmony with

Matt. The sound mixing does seem as if it had been improved in the half time break, as Matt’s

vocals aren’t as dominated by Mikes’ bass and are more adequately mixed.

Next up, you guessed it, much loved alt-rock anthem ‘Shadows’. This flared a deafening roar from

the crowd, no hair balls for that kitty! Along with the bands on-stage energy that was feeding off

the audiences energy perfectly, and Matt pausing his singing to let the crowd sing “so it all came

crashing down” leading into the chorus, sparked a massive cheer and got the crowd jumping insync

to the chorus. I’m sure with the analogies of lions so far, you’re imagining a crowd of lion

cubs jumping up and down to the alpha-lion on stage aren’t you?

The crowd had been won over by the alpha lion by this stage, so their new found energy was not

interrupted even by the slower, more emotional track ‘A Lovers Complaint’ that the whole crowd

chanted the chorus to, before the musical energy crept back up to aggressively climatic levels for

‘Red Flag’. No hair balls this time for the alpha lions’ growling vocals in the bridge section of ‘Red

Flag’! Matts’ fierce growling were precise and sent shockwaves through the audience. Even Clint

on guitar joined in on the lion display, flicking his wild hair around to this incredibly powerful song

with clear sound!

The crowd are a pack of happy purring kittens by this stage from the power, great sound and

engaging performance the show had evolved into, but all good things must come to an end sadly.

The final two songs ‘Rhapsody On A Windy Night’ and of course the bands most defining hit,

‘Where The City Meets The Sea’. ‘Rhapsody On A Windy Night’ featured the band rocking out for

the home stretch like it was their last show ever, and got the crowd fist pumping and mimicking

the bands on-stage energy.

‘Where The City Meets The Sea’ as you would imagine was the pinnacle of what this show had to

offer, great sound, great energy, the crowd singing along to every word whilst fist pumping/

clapping to the beat, and even had a surprisingly attractive, conveniently single blind guy counting

in to the chorus in perfect timing during the gap between the first verse and chorus, which I think/

hope added to the cheer in the audience. And what would a good ol’ rock show be without a

crowd surfer or two? The energy galore plus the band pausing their performing to let the crowd

sing them into the last chorus made this a perfect closing song for any rock show!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! The audience cheer the band back on stage for the final song off

their debut album ‘Transmission’ to close the show on a good note, with an explosive, climatic


The start of this show was quite shaken and a let down, but like a good athlete they stuck the

landing and well and truly made up for it thus winning over the crowd in the end. I always look

forward to seeing these guys again and again!