sebastian bach mother-f***er!”


Scott Ian - One Man Riot! Spoken Words Tour @ Metro Theatre, Sydney NSW Australia 29/09/2018 written by Brendan Lewis.

WARNING! This article contains explicit content.

1981, a young Scott Ian, likely in his beloved Motorhead t-shirt, co-unleashed musical chemical warfare on the world, in Anthrax…. The heavy-metal band, not the medical condition as Google informs me. This young renegade would also go on to do his very own comic book for DC comics and create his very own zombie character in the hit TV series The Walking Dead…. Pfft, show off! Little did he know, that 37 years later (2018 for people who suck at math), Anthrax would be considered one of the “big 4” heavy-metal bands of all time! But you all know that already, and if you don’t, well, get out….. But before you go, you might want to read this inside scoop on the the hilarious tales of the people Scott Ian met along his journey, and the priceless mischief they got into!

Oh by the way, you might want to send the kiddo’s to bed now, the Scott Ian - One Man Riot Spoken Words tour ain’t G-rated!

That list of all Scott’s achievements? Well, we can add comedian to it, Scott pulls off original one-liners and seemingly professional road-tested jokes tailored around the heavy metal music scene, like how shouting out your favourite band at the top of your lungs in public is exclusive to the metal heads…. You know what, he’s right, I cannot recall anyone ever screaming out “TAYLOR SWIFT!” in public! On top of that, hilarious moments of mistaken identity that sound too funny to be true, and stuff that Carl Barron would say in his shows, like how he has been told HE IS one of the guys from System Of A Down, and how apparently he isn’t the guy from Anthrax.


Scott warms us all up with his one-liners and cases of hilarious mistaken identity, then dives into stories of meeting his heroes, Lemmy from Motorhead in particular, and the hilarious, horrifying, horrendous and highlight moments with them. One example/teaser, is when Scott was 21 and met Lemmy for the first time in London, which involved 4 helium balloons, a few rounds of double Jack Daniels and cola’s after Scott not having any alcohol for three years prior, and resulted in being covered in several undesirable smells and substances the next day and being treated by a Nazi doctor in Germany, or so he thought.

Another treasured friend of Scott’s is Darryl from Pantera, who absolutely hated the TV series Jackass, as Darryl was THE original Jackass, and oh boy did that lead to some mischievous times with Scott! Like falling victim to the most priceless prank from Darryl and Dave from Drowning Pool, which for three years, Darryl held over Scott’s head and so eloquently reminded him when possible with “Sebastian Bach mother-fucker!”. Why was it only three years that Darryl held it over Scott for, you ask? Well, because after three long years, Scott finally tasted the sweet taste of revenge, oh, and payback is a mother-fucker! Scott finally “fucked the unfuckable”. If only he told the audience about his disturbing experience backstage at a Nine Inch Nails gig, but for that, you’ll have to check out my podcast interview with him.

These priceless stories had the whole crowd in stitches and in laughing fits, and Scott told them all like a pro and as if they only happened yesterday. The way you could tell he was feeding off the crowds energy to help fuel the stories humour, the way he answered and hit back the audience’s questions like a well-prepared veteran comedian, the way he acted out parts and the passion you could feel he felt for the people who touched him along the way (metaphorically you dirty bastard!), was a real treat and a rare glimpse into the life of an icon of the heavy metal scene!

Whether you’re an Anthrax fan, or just a fan of laughing and hearing insane shit, this is not to be missed! And if you are a fan of Anthrax, being a part of this show and witnessing the way Scott connects with his fans in humour and his stories, makes you feel like you have a personal connection with him, and makes you even more of a fan! I guess it’s a good thing he’ll be back next year to play Download Festival in Anthrax then aye?!