Q&A Interview With Lili Kendall by Brendan Lewis

Brendan: Your new smooth lush single ‘Lifetime’ dropped recently, tell us what the song’s about and the writing process that went with it?

Lili: Lifetime is about the thrill and infatuation of the chase in the beginning of a new relationship. Falling in love with the person and being ride or die. I wrote it with my producer, Deaneaux, we always sit down and start a track from scratch together, while he builds the track, I build the story.

Brendan: I’m very intrigued with how you approach songwriting to create these smooth, lusk colourful RnB indie-pop blends. What’s your approach to songwriting and the general process involved?

Lili: When it comes to writing I really just like to sit down, create a track from scratch with my producer, and write what comes. I feel like it should be natural and easy. If I feel like anything is being forced or I’m not feeling it, I will move on. The best songs I’ve written (in my opinion) were written in an hour or two. 

Brendan: Apparently in your short career so far, you’ve re-invented yourself many times but now you’re who and where you want to be and be seen as. Take us through your journey of discovering your true essence and how your music has evolved with the changes?

Lili: As I have gotten older, and learnt to trust myself as a woman and creative, it has been easier to create the music and believe in my own vision. When I was younger it was hard to know who I was as an artist, when I didn’t know who I was as a person, so I was very susceptible to outside influences, and you could hear that in my earlier music. This new EP of songs is 100% me.

Brendan: Being such a young artist, you’ve already gone from playing at your vocal teachers’ Christmas party when you were 12, to then headline a charity event that you’ve worked closely with in Brisbane which would’ve been incredible, and then go on to record a debut album in LA where you’ve now moved to! Wow! That would’ve been such a massive step for you moving from Brisbane to LA, what made you decide to take that leap and how’s it been for you?

Lili: It’s been a little wild, but I’m very grateful for the place I am at right now in my journey. It feels like the beginning of a whole lot to come. I miss home everyday, but right now i know this is where I need to be.

Brendan: Tell us about your work/involvement with the charity that you headlined the fundraiser for?

Lili: I’m not quite sure which one you are talking about, as I have done a few charity events in Australia. But my two favourite charities I’ve worked with have got to be Bridge to Brisbane and my #1, Sea Shepherd. 

Brendan: There’s a lot going on in your sound with lots of flavoursome elements mixed in. How do you bring your music to life at live shows and what’re we to expect at a Lili Kendall performance?

Lili: I haven’t had a chance to play around and experiment live with my new music, but for the near future I think I am going to keep my live shows simple, vocal driven performances. 

Brendan: You must have some pretty priceless memories and stories from along the way so far, moving from Brisbane to LA whilst taking the world by storm with your music. What’s the one story that comes to mind when I say, hilarious WTF moment?

Lili:  Honestly there a way too many moments to narrow it down to one…I started coming to LA when I was a lot younger, and that was a huge culture shock at about 13, but once I moved I was kind of used to the intensity of this city, and all the energies, good and bad, that comes with it.

Brendan: And finally, what are you currently working on behind the scenes that fans can look forward to from Lili Kendall in the near future?

Lili: Just a lot more music to come really soon, I’m excited to share what I’ve been creating, and what i’m about to create. I don’t want to give too much away just yet.

Brendan: Thank you so much Lili, I look forward to more lush vibrant releases from you and will be keeping a keen eye out for more exciting stuff coming soon!

Lili: Thankyou!