A total fame erotic dream


Hideous Sun Demon Q&A by Brendan Lewis. 08/08/2018

Brendan; "Hey everyone, Brendan the blind guy here! You really can’t get much more colour than this musically,  today I’m chatting to Perth indie punk-rockers who are full of Ssppuunnkk, HIDEOUS SUN DEMON, and no, this ain’t just an idiotic dream!"


Brendan; "You guys are currently on a pretty huge tour for the recent release of your new punch-in-the-face album ‘Fame Erotic Dream’, how’s it been?"

Hideous Sun Demon; "Adelaide was fun. Jammed together for the first time since the move in this cool punk warehouse. Stoked on selling out the Curtin on Friday night. Got 1 more Melbourne show then we drive to Canberra Thursday night with the rest of the tour following."

Brendan; "You guys bring a pretty ear melting, wild, psychedelic riot that you can get loose and boogie to in your music, do your live shows follow suit of those attributes? Paint us a word picture of what you guys offer fans at your live shows and the mark you leave the audience with."

Hideous Sun Demon; "We like to move around and we aim to get our audience to as well. Some crowd surfing is always fun as long as people can see it coming. It's pretty sweaty by the end and usually some piece or equipment stuffs up."

Brendan; "Your new album album ‘Fame Erotic Dream’ that you’re blasting around the nation currently, tell us the story of the songs on the album and what they represent to you, and where the album title came from?"

Hideous Sun Demon; "The album title is a reflection of our experiences in the music industry after having worked with a few managers, labels and different band members in the past. The music scene can be sycophantic and incestual but also is an amazing supportive community if you choose the right people. Songs can let you excersize the freedom of expressing disdain at unsavory individuals if your normally a polite person as well."

Brendan; "Speaking of interesting titles, I feel there’s an interesting or at least intoxicated story behind the band name choice?"

Hideous Sun Demon; "The last name was real silly we so opted with Hideous Sun Demon. It's an old monster film. I think it was a necessity as we started to take the band more seriously. Last name involved the word fantastic followed by a niche sexual act."

Brendan; "I can imagine it’s tough living in Western Australia so far away from the typical hot-spots for music Sydney and Melbourne, but yet you guys are killing it! You’ve earned widespread praise and recognition, plus are able to pack out venues all across the country which is awesome! What’s your key to your recent success and strategy of overcoming inevitable challenges that arise on the way?"

Hideous Sun Demon; "We just keep on going regardless of personal circumstances & professional difficulties. We've made some silly mistakes....sometimes more than once but we make sure to not let it stop progress. We've held on during the slower 'why are we doing this' periods and rode the highs as they come. Having a realistic definition or success helps & we're also  very lucky with the help we've gotten from people over the years."

Brendan; "Right, let’s get exclusive, I mean, because I think we’re at that pint in our professional relationship. So tell me, what’s a fun fact about yourselves (individually or as a band) that I can’t find on the internet and that you haven’t told any other journalist?"

Hideous Sun Demon; "We've been spilling our guts a fair bit recently so it's tricky. Our fun fact is the fact that we are not a fun party band. We are nerds. Blake and Vin used to get punched alot growing up in Beaconsfield."

Brendan; "Being a wild energetic rock band in this crazy age we live in, you must have some pretty priceless stories, what’s the one that takes the cake as being hilarious, priceless, WTF?"

Hideous Sun Demon; "When we landed in Auckland vin's face swelled up real bad. He was spitting blood back in Tassie. We got to the ER at Auckland hospital at 9. He waited 3 hours to get seen. Then he got lost for 3 hours walking home. It was a pretty short walk and we even wrote the directions home down."

Brendan; "And finally, after your extensive tour, what’s next and what can fans look forward to?"

Hideous Sun Demon; "More east coast shows via the relocation. Also means we can afford to get into the studio more often. So the next album will be alot quicker."

Brendan; "Thanks so much guys, hopefully I can catch you at a show soon!"