you better run baby run!

Foxton Kings - photo by Peter Heathcote (2).jpg
we all just cracked it and pulled over to the side of the freeway and stripped down to our undies and danced on top of the Tarago

If you're not a fan of rock 'n' roll, you better run baby run, 'cause Brendan the blind guy had an insightful chat with the hell cat of drum Alex, from Perth rockers FOXTON KINGS! The topic of their chat is the bands recently released second EP 'With Love' out March 15 plus the bands East Coast tour in support of the EP! But what's an insightful chat without a bit of banter? Alex also told us about his possibly exclusive party-trick that'll bring the Trecky out in you plus what his coping mechanisms on tour are, including how best to pass the time on a long trip on a scorching hot day!

‘With Love’ EP available on all major streaming platforms including Apple Music.

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