say farewell to reality!

it’s like a couple of bands in one in a way
— it's like a couple of bands in one

Say farewell to reality and let the storm descend upon you, for Brendan the blind guy spoke to Sascha Paeth, the master of the pendulum who swings and controls the balance of sound in both guitar performances and studio production for the worlds biggest metal opera lead by Tobias Sammet, AVANTASIA!

this combination is special, because it would never sound like it, when we do it individually

The chat was in accordance to Avantasia finally venturing out to Australia for the FIRST TIME EVER this May, bringing their jaw-dropping, mesmerising live performances to Aussie fans in Sydney and Melbourne!

What realm will fans be immersed in at these shows?

it feels like people dive into the world at the beginning, and then wake up after three and a half hours
— it feels like

What will Sascha hopefully be driving? What might end up in Oliver's guitar case? Listen to find out!

Grab your tickets to AVANTASIA’s not-to-be-missed Sydney show on Sunday May 12 and Melbourne show on Tuesday May 14 quick!