Brendan: Since 2013, you’ve won TripleJ Unearthed and earned yourself a slot on the

lineup of Laneway Festival that year, supported bands such as The Rubens,

Vance Joy and Cloud Control and recently released your debut album ‘A

Suitable Girl’ which packs quite a punch, with a tour following soon! Whats

been the highlights and biggest challenges so far?

Ali: Recording an album was definitely the hardest part. It was super fun and

amazing too but it really is a labour of love and I was pretty burnt out by

the end. However, touring and the response from audiences just brought

me back to life. I love playing shows with my band and travelling to

different cities and towns and playing and meeting amazing people who

come to my shows. It’s the best. Oh and hitting #58 in the triple j Hottest

100 was unbelievable. I was in complete shock. I still kinda cant believe it!

Brendan: People that follow my reviews know I’m very picky when it comes to solo

singer-songwriters, but your style of pop/rock, grunge/rock that reminds

me of bands such as ‘Garbage’ ‘Stevie Nicks’ ‘The Preatures’ and ‘Lash’,

really separates you from the rest of the pack in my opinion. How do you

plan to evolve with your music and stay ahead of the pack musically?

Ali: Oh thank you! Well, I really just make music that I like. I’m not thinking

about how to stay ahead of the pack. I just want to make music that

resonates with me and excites me. I have been demoing up new songs

lately and already they sound a bit more developed than the last record

and I think that just comes from experience with writing and recording lots

of music.

Brendan: what was the main theme and musical intent/story behind the songs off

your debut album?

Ali: These song were about my experience in my late 20s, coming to terms with

myself, accepting myself and letting stuff go. I had to get really honest

with how I was feeling to move froward because I was holding myself back

with fear and anger and insecurity and by writing about it really openly, I

was able to let it all go.

Brendan: Your songs have some pretty catchy hooks, thought provoking lyrics and

some good ol’ rock ’n roll energy, does your live performance meet all

those attributes on stage? And what can fans expect at your live shows?

Ali: My shows are a lot of fun. Very loud and full of energy. My band are

incredible so we have a good time on stage. We try to make it bigger and

more rockin than the recordings.

Brendan: I see, well figuratively, you lived in Papua New Guinea for a lot of your

child hood, before moving to Cairns and finally back home to Melbourne,

how has that all effected your music and songwriting approach?

Ali: I’m not sure if it did. I was 10 when we moved to Melbourne and I didn't

start writing my own songs and playing til I was 24ish. I have remained a

traveller however, from my upbringing, so I guess I like to move around

a lot. I’m inspired by travel and new places and freedom so in that way, it’s

affected my songwriting.

Brendan: I noticed before you got back into music in 2013 you were a self proclaimed

‘rat bag’ tell me more about that? I’m intrigued

Ali: Oh I was just a bit of a party kid. Got into trouble, stayed out late, worked

in hospo and had a good time. I didn't get serious about life until I was

about 24.

Brendan: And finally, what advice would you give young Aussies wanting to follow in

your footsteps?”

Ali: Write lots of songs, play lots of gigs and trust yourself.

Brendan: Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me Ali, and I look

forward to catching you on tour! – Brendan