welcome to the best of luck club!

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written by Brendan Lewis.


FAQ’s include;

Q; Can I bring a backpack

A; Yes, you’ll likely need one to carry the good vibes and uniting and emotive hook-ladin tracks from Alex Lahey.

Q: I don’t get invited to parties anymore and I haven’t been taking care of myself lately, will that be a problem?

A; No, don’t be so hard on yourself, this club is for anyone who’s been through hard times, could do with a change of luck and wanting to let your hair down and have fun whilst Alex sings from the heart and speaks to your own.

Thank you for becoming a member, for all members benefits please read on…

PLEASE NOTE; This membership is for one night only and CAN and SHOULD be shared.

Upon signing up fans receive opening track ‘I Don’t Get Invited To Parties Anymore’, off the touring album ‘The Best Of Luck Club’, followed by ‘Am I Doing It Right?’ and ‘Awkward Exchange’.

For all three of these tracks, fans here tonight receive a large assortment of sounds resonating around Alex’s vocals, from the many band members on stage. But don’t think that means Alex doesn’t have room to move! One might be mistaken into thinking that, as Alex seems withdrawn and rather still in the first song, focusing on hitting all the vocal notes perfectly while playing the guitar, but then once the bridge section no longer requires her to multi-task (vocals and guitar), she has a wow of a time rocking out with just the latter!

For ‘Am I Doing It Right?’ and ‘Awkward Exchange’, members will be drawn to keep singing along and cheering when their mouths aren’t full of vocal hooks, like in the opening song. Why be an Alex Lahey fan? Well, normally concert goers who race to the front barrier like bats out of hell as well as fill any gap in sung vocals by cheering excitedly, would usually also be accompanied by the added bonus of wearing said fans sweat on you, as they get a bit too carried away with clambering and trying desperately to inch their way ever closer to the performer (who wouldn’t want to take part in that?!). But Alex with her genuine personality and recollections in her songs that captivate the listener, welcomes excitement and joy, without the added hustle and bustle and stress of searching for a square-inch of your clothes that doesn’t feature a strangers DNA! “Alex Lahey fans, overjoyed yet pleasant, even when the parties pumping”. Perfect example (in case you need one), is in ‘Awkward Exchange’ which in hindsight, one would’ve thought would’ve featured an awkward exchange of sweat in the crowd, as the musical vibe accelerates to a lively and rather funky dance vibe that takes all self-dignity to resist getting jiggy and busting out dance moves that cannot be pulled-off, the crowd still maintain their lax demeanour. 

“But what makes Alex Lahey so special from every other hook-driven indie-rock artist? How do I know I’m getting my money’s worth?”. There are several reasons why a ‘Best Of Luck Club’ membership is worthwhile. First, the songs are performed, not just played. One may (hopefully) notice that these performances are choreographed with precision… you can imagine how it would all go so wrong if everyone on stage weren’t at their designated position at their designated time slot, when Alex freely (or so it seems), rocks out… pile-ups ain’t pretty!

Secondly, the other musicians on stage don’t just fill in the gaps around Alex from song to song, they complement her vocals and guitar (which luckily remain the key focal point in the mix of sound the entire time). This is demonstrated perfectly in ‘Interior Demeanour’, in which a rough grungy bass and heavy thump of the drums build an angsty vibe, while Alex’s vocals reassure us.

Thirdly, what good is a club without teamwork? Apart from the friendly and natural teamwork between Alex and her band, she branches out to invite her musical friend Gordi on stage to perform ‘Unspoken History’ on the piano, which apparently is the first time this song has been performed… I’m guessing there’s some kind of unspoken history between Alex and Gordi?

And fourthly, in ‘Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself’ which features Alex seamlessly going from singing/playing guitar, to playing the saxophone which would normally result in other artists either replacing the saxophone part with guitar, or getting someone else to play the saxophone, Alex cleverly gets her band to do a quick build up while she swiftly switches from guitar to saxophone, and still somehow manages to rock out while performing it, as you can see in the video displayed below… what?... there’s no video you say? Hmmm, yeah I suppose it would’ve helped if my SD card weren’t still in my computer back home.

But really, what makes ‘The Best Of Luck Club’ so special, is the way Alex doesn’t just speak at the crowd, she speaks to them regardless of whether it’s 10 people or 1,000 people, she bonds with her members and reaches out to them and warmly hugs them! (I’m sure she would literally do so if she could).

At the end of all club meetings, there’s a party isn’t there? In this case, the high of ‘Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself’ is increased to the max with the grand and uplifting feel good energy of ‘Every Day’s A Weekend’, bringing the crowds excitement level up to Alex’s to end the night in musical fireworks!

Genuine, both musically and charismatically, that’s what sets Alex Lahey apart.

So, will you be renewing your membership?...

Check out Brendan the blind guy’s chat with Alex Lahey in March, about the tour, the album and much more at https://www.keeneye4concerts.com/alex-lahey-06032019